The Abyss and the Internet


When I picked up the phone I could hear palpable fear in her voice. “My husband went in to have a growth on his back removed and the lab came back saying he has squamous cell cancer.  They couldn’t get it all because it went deeper than they thought.  One doctor said might be lung […]

The Day When Names Trump Numbers


All Saints Day.  While it’s a holy day that has been pretty much drowned out by the commercial excesses of Halloween, I think its significance transcends its ancient Christian roots and speaks to everyone. At the Lutheran church I attend here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we honored the parishioners who died over the […]

On Bonding Around a Common Enemy

Band of Brothers_small

A few weeks ago, nine men, including me, were invited by Dan Zenka, VP of communications at the Prostate Cancer Foundation (and author of the blog My New York Minute), to join him in Washington, DC on a one-day retreat.  All of ten of us are living in either the presence or aftermath of prostate […]