Hormone Therapy: Beyond the Euphemism

Testoserone 2

Hormone therapy, also called “androgen deprivation therapy” (ADT) is a widely prescribed treatment for prostate cancer. Androgens are the male hormones—the most well known of which is testosterone—that cause boys to develop secondary sexual characteristics during puberty and control men’s sexual functioning once they mature. However, for men with prostate cancer, testosterone is the food […]

The Oncology Adventure Ride


My family lived in Southern California in the mid-1950s, and I vividly remember my inaugural visit to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in 1956, in celebration of my 10th birthday. To my young eyes, it was all amazingly cool: the jungle ride, the Mark Twain steamboat, the teacups in Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland’s ride to the moon.  But […]



Oncology is the stuff of hard medicine—chemicals, radiation, hormones, and surgery. Cancer is a formidable foe, and doctors bring out the best and most aggressive tools that they have to fight the invasion of the body by this potentially deadly disease. The strength of the treatments take their toll not just on the cancerous cells, […]